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Announcing the 2014 ViE Awards Winners

1st Apr, 2014

VaccineNation and the World Vaccine Congress is proud to announce the winners of the 7th Annual ViE Awards.

Best Technological Development

Winner: Gates Foundation and intellectual Vaccines (Global Good) Cold chain technology
Highly Recommended: Vaxess Technologies (Novel silk protein-based vaccine stabilization technology)

Best Financing Deal

Winner: Hookipa Biotech and Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund, Takeda Ventures, Sofinnova Partners, Forbion Capital Partners and BioMedPartners – $27m Phase I
Highly Recommended: Vaxess Technologies and Norwich Ventures and Jeffrey C Walker –…

Harvard I-Lab Startup Vaxess Using Silk to Preserve Vaccines For Developing Countries

16th Sep, 2013

“You probably know that diseases like measles, mumps and rubella still afflict people in remote parts of the world, despite being eradicated long ago in developed countries. You might not know that one big reason isn’t a shortage of vaccines but rather a lack of refrigeration. Often, there’s just no way to keep immunizations cold enough, long enough to be effective.

Harvard Innovation Lab startup Vaxess Technologies is developing a way around the cold storage…

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